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Blog 4

4b. Your friend is about to launch an online thrift store. Your friend is seeking your advice regarding social media marketing tactics. Outline some possible social media marketing tactics suitable for a thrift store. Remember Jeff from my previous blogs? Yeah so, his back… He was telling me a story the other day. He wasContinue reading “Blog 4”

Blog 4

4a. Critically evaluate the impact of the internet and digital technologies on the marketing mix elements for an industry sector of your choice. Welcome to the last instalment of Liam’s Blogs! I know, I’m a party popper but all good things must come to an end! Now let’s turn that frown upside down because you’reContinue reading “Blog 4”

Blog 3

3a. Pick an industry and discuss how companies have evolved their digital marketing strategy in times of COVID-19? How could they evolve further? Can you imagine a world without seeing Dustin Martin (Dusty) score absolute whirlers for Richmond (Tigers)? I know I can’t. However, on March 22, 2020, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan announced the postponementContinue reading “Blog 3”

Blog 2

2b: Post a short video on YouTube In todays video I discuss my latest snowboarding experience! I dive into my thoughts regarding the Burton Ripcord 2020 snowboard aswell as my choice of bindings. Please subscribe and like for more content!


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